My Sweet Evan

My Sweet Evan
On my way from Heaven

God delayed my trip that day

He said that I was special

and then sent me on my way

but not before he kissed my ears

He left his Blessed mark

to carry with me here.

He whispered in my ear right then

that he loved me without a doubt

and then he closed my ears up tight

so the whisper won't get out

-Author Unknown

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Oar

This pic sums it up. These boys are my oar, my lifeline, my happy at the end of a workday and the kick that keeps me going. We, as mothers, all know that we could pull the Webster out and use almost all of the book to describe motherhood. It has been really long time since I have updated this blog and (lol) motherhood has helped with that. Evan is doing great! We are long past the surgeries and healing is complete. Dr. Reinisch and his staff are wonderful people that we were blessed to meet. We truly made lifetime friends during our journey. I wanted to also update our friends to let everyone know that the battle to get Evan a new BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) is complete! I won the insurance appeal. Yes, you heard it... For all my fellow moms out there that are still fighting, it can be done. Please don't give up! We were having lots of issues with his old hearing aid such as: feedback, repairs, reprogramming and using lots of batteries for no reason. I know alot of the other moms are having the same issues as well and my suggestion would be to talk to your ENT, your audiologist and also your pediatrician. Get as much documentation as you can. Write an appeal letter yourself! Explain the reasons why your child needs a new aid. Why is the aid faulty? Is your child asking you to repeat yourself? Having trouble in the classroom? If so, have the teacher provide documentation of these issues. It will take some legwork but it will be worth it. I would like to thank Oticon Medical for their superior customer service. They have helped make the transition a smooth one for Evan. They have also given me a motherhood moment I will never, ever forget. The first morning Evan was wearing his new aid he walked into our bathroom and said "Mommy, my shoes make noise!" I hardly go through each day without thinking about this moment without smiling/crying. He is still showing my mom (as he taps on her kitchen floors) that his shoes make noise. This is unbelievable to me and I cannot wait to experience more new noises through Evan. I hope this shines a little light for those of you who are still trying. As moms, have to remember that we also, are the oars for our children and not just the lifeboat. Sometimes we have to make the waves :)