My Sweet Evan

My Sweet Evan
On my way from Heaven

God delayed my trip that day

He said that I was special

and then sent me on my way

but not before he kissed my ears

He left his Blessed mark

to carry with me here.

He whispered in my ear right then

that he loved me without a doubt

and then he closed my ears up tight

so the whisper won't get out

-Author Unknown

Thursday, March 4, 2010


My heart is overflowing, I feel it from my God.
It is so overwhelming, yet he holds my hand each day.

Chancie Neal sang at the Portico in Ruston tonight. She is such a sweet young lady (only 15) and she donated all her tips she made tonight to Evan. Her parents should be very proud to have such a sweet daughter! To have such a giving heart at the age of 15. She sings like an angel and I hope she knows how much she will be blessed for her thoughtfulness. For those of you that missed it I would advise you to follow this star!!!! Her light is shining bright and she sings loud, proud and from the heart. Way to go Chancie, I am so proud of you! I will never let Evan forget you and you now have your biggest fans!


  1. I read the article about Evan and was moved. I too was born without an ear, but am much older than Evan. I have had a wonderful life! I tried to contact you by phone, but no luck. I would love to talk with you and your family

  2. You are very welcome and Thank YOU! I will never forget Evan, and I don't think Jake will either! I'm so glad to be a part of his life and it makes me feel like a better person to help y'all, especially when I know how great of people you all are! At least now people know about him, and we have a start!

    Love ALWAYS,
    Chancie Neal

  3. Don't know how much help I could be but want to try. Can I post your information on my blog? Go to or e-mail me at