My Sweet Evan

My Sweet Evan
On my way from Heaven

God delayed my trip that day

He said that I was special

and then sent me on my way

but not before he kissed my ears

He left his Blessed mark

to carry with me here.

He whispered in my ear right then

that he loved me without a doubt

and then he closed my ears up tight

so the whisper won't get out

-Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everyday blessings

I am a faithful believer in blessings. The blessings you will receive when you give and when you receive. Everyday of my life is a blessing. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. First of all to God, my Savior, for the blessings he has bestowed upon me. Its funny though that sometimes we think he is not there when the entire time is is listening.... I also want to thank each and every individual who has blessed us. I hope that you know that because of your blessing you have made a great difference in my son, Evan's life. My biggest blessing is being a mother to Evan and Aiden. Evan is so awesome and makes me laugh and want to cry for joy everyday. He is such an independent, spunky and loving little boy. I have started this blog so that each of you will know Evan and the difference you have made. Once you meet him he will forever touch your heart (and not just because he is the cutest little boy you have ever seen - lol.) But because he is Evan - a special child of God, with his own special touch. The News Star interviewed us Sunday. It was a very emotional day for me because I am putting my baby out in the public for everyone to see his differences. I still have mixed emotions about that but you do what you have to for your children. The reporter asked me what Evan likes. I was so nervous and told her he likes Barney, coloring, playing and absolutely loves mandarin oranges. BUT I forgot the most important thing.... When Evan gives you a kiss he loves to hold your face when he kisses you. If your child does this you know that this is the sweetest thing in the world. So when you kiss your child tonight, hold their face and tell them just how much you love them. Count your blessings, just like I do everyday.

Keep Evan in your prayers. Thank you and bless you for everything you have done for us.


  1. For those of you on Facebook search for the cause "Ears for Evan" and invite all of your friends! Let's get the word out to help this little guy!

    Shreveport, LA

  2. It is such a blessing to read about Evan here and just to know how he is going to be used by God to touch the lives of so many. I will be lifting him and your family up in prayer and I know it is in God's hands and He has a great plan for Evan.

    God Bless!
    Vanessa Diel

  3. thanks so much to the both of you! Please help spread the word and keep us in your prayers

    Hugs from the Holley Family