My Sweet Evan

My Sweet Evan
On my way from Heaven

God delayed my trip that day

He said that I was special

and then sent me on my way

but not before he kissed my ears

He left his Blessed mark

to carry with me here.

He whispered in my ear right then

that he loved me without a doubt

and then he closed my ears up tight

so the whisper won't get out

-Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First, I want to thank all my friends and family for helping me get the word out about Evan. This has been a really difficult week because I am now having to face Evan's differences. I am not saying that I have ignored his disability but as they say, I have 'put it on the back shelf'. So...
this week I have been REALLY busy dusting things off....

We have the following fundraisers set up for Evan:

March 6th - Rummage sale @ LabCorp from 6am - till.
We will also sell baked goods and hot dogs. If you would like to help volunteer or donate items please call me @ 318-512-3078

May 1st - We will be selling hamburger plates at WalMart in West Monroe. We will presell tickets for this event also. For those of you that have ever tailgated at any of the West Monroe Rebel Football games and experienced the culinary skills of Ken and Linda Brooks please come see us because they will be cooking for us on this day!

Ladies, Please visit They have everything from bags, to baskets and bibs. These items can be monogrammed. Linda Brooks is the representative and she is donating 25% of all sales the Evan's medical fund.

I am selling Butter Braids. The come in the following flavors: apple, strawberry cream cheese, cinnamon, cream cheese and bavarian cream with chocolate icing. If you would like to help sell these items please let me know. You can visit

Thanks to all of your prayers, hard work and support. We love you.


  1. We're there for you!! By the way, the website for Butter Braids is (without the "s").

  2. Not sure if you have already done so but i would suggest you leave a flyer about your upcoming fundraisers at the hospital
    Leigh Ann

  3. So if I want to buy a butterbraid, how do I put you in as my dealer?